The newest generation of Quantum’s DR Systems integrated with wireless detector technology, available in all Quantum Radiographic system configurations, Ceiling mounted or Floor mounted.

The “DRX Series” systems incorporate advanced operational and ergonomic features, with virtually unlimited positioning capabilities.

Q-Rad-Digital “DRX Series” systems provide precision and reliability through “Smart-System Design.” Innovations such as TechVisionTM, 22" Touch-Screen Control Center, Fixed & Portable / Wired or Wireless DR technology combinations, FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking systems, collision avoidance electronics and EZ-Glide handle controls are just some of the unique and valuable advantages.

To transition your existing X-Ray System to Digital, several versions of Agfa’s CR30-series offers
superb imaging, fast throughput and the ability to serve several x-ray rooms simultaneously. And, with the equivalent speed of a 400-speed film/screen combination, your technics will not change. 12-bit imaging and the exclusive MUSICA software produces images with exceptional exposure latitude and the capacity to resolve fine bone detail with soft tissue visualization on a single exposure. Agfa CR’s have attained an excellent reputation for reliability, ruggedness and excellent image quality. For very busy environments, several models of Agfa CR’s can be supplied with a multi-loader cassette configuration to permit faster processing and increased throughput. The Agfa range of CR’s have small space requirements and generally fit very nicely into your existing workspace.

As a more affordable option, Precision also provides fully refurbished Kodak CR800 CR
systems. The DirectView CR800 is a robust 12-bit CR offering high throughput with a full-color modern, touch-sensitive user interface. Images are processed in approximately 60 seconds following insertion of the CR cassette into the reader. The CR800 comes fully equipped with DICOM Print, RIS connectivity for Modality Worklist query and automatic black border software. Grid Suppression software is also included to minimize or eliminate grid line artifacts which can result from some older existing table and upright grids. Every refurbished Kodak CR800 undergoes extensive rebuilding and testing prior to delivery, and it represents an excellent alternative to a new CR by offering similar durability and image quality at substantial cost savings.

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