Quality for medical image analysis is assured by so many unique features for the first time in a tablet computer:

Large 13.3” and bright >350 cd/m2 screen
2 MP high resolution anti-glare display

11-bit DICOM grayscale calibration – a world first!

Sensor pen for precision marking and measurement

Works with iQ-4VIEW and supports all major zero-footprint universal viewers

Android 6.0 OS

Wireless and wired keyboard and/or mouse HDMI port – for external display, projector or sharing at full HDMI

Hi-Speed Quad-core CPU with 2.2 GHz
10,000 mAh battery for >3h autonomy in read mode Battery or mains (100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz) operation Power Supply according to medical standards (2xMOPP, IEC/EN 60601)

CE Medical Device Class I
DICOM Part 14 GSDF compliant
(Grayscale Standard Display Function)
Ambient light sensor indicates diagnostic conditions and suggests suitable adaptations
White point corresponding to the CIE daylight standard.

Use anywhere:
At the hospital (reading room, office, ER, OR, bedside etc.) at home, or elsewhere
Supplied with protective case with anti-slip interior Sealing closing strip

Dual usage:
Use also as standard tablet in non-DICOM mode View, read, report, send – anywhere*

Grayscale for medical use or color for general use Wi-Fi operation
Bluetooth operation
Dual micro-USB 2.0 slots for flash-drive, k/b + mouse Internal Storage of up to 16 GB

Extendable storage of up to 128 GB RAM

Small size – fits into a briefcase
Light weight – less than 1.1 kg (about 2 lbs)**

360 deg rotation – for landscape or portrait reading


MED-TAB is The World’s First DICOM-Calibrated Portable Medical Workstation

* Detailed information on the intended use of MED-TAB is in “MED-TAB v2 Instructions for use”

** Excluding protective case