For over 25 years Precision has been dedicated to digital imaging. Today, with PACS installations across the country, we continue to focus on providing affordable imaging solutions to meet your clinical and financial goals. With our range of products, and our clinical knowledge of radiology and your environment, we believe we understand what you want to accomplish.

Our FastPACS systems, designed for private practice groups of any size, provides affordable, complete DICOM functionality with the speed, flexibility and image quality needed for Orthopedic Surgeons and General Practitioners. For image review you have complete mobility using your iPad or any modern browser on any computer.

The iQ-WEB and iQ-RIS product line from IMAGE Information Systems, Ltd. provide a high level of functionality and integration for large facilities, imaging centers and hospitals with the user management, patient data and system interfacing they require for their environment. iQ-VIEW is a full-featured workstation environment with a wide range of tools designed for radiologists or other clinicians who need a sophisticated and versatile image review workstation for direct interpretation. iQ-VIEW for Veterinarians is a specialized version of iQ-VIEW with the unique tools required for veterinarian medicine. Either version may be downloaded here free. iQ-VIEW will run on a 30-day evaluation license and allow you to try it out yourself to see how it fits into your workflow prior to purchase.

Our CloudPACS solutions share many similarities with our traditional PACS but take the further step of off-loading all administrative and maintenance chores to us. Each installation is configured per your workflow requirements, and eliminate your need to get involved with IT issues.

Whether your specialty is Orthopedic, General Practice, Podiatry, Veterinary Medicine or Chiropractic, or if your facility is an Imaging Center, Immediate Care Center or Hospital, Precision delivers your PACS on-time and pre-configured for fast deployment. And the support and on-going training to help you meet your goals is always part of the deal.

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